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5 WordPress Adsense CTR Increasing Themes

Adsense CTR means the click through rate. How many clicks you get as compared to your page views. Adsense is on of the best source of earning for a lot of young and beginner bloggers. Considering this today I have collected 5 WordPress themes, which are obviously not so much good looking but can increase your CTR for adsense ads.

How will they increase my adsense CTR?

Well its very simple as I earlier told you that these themes are made for the sole purpose of earning. Think of a niche you can work in and get earning through it. Niche means a filed or a topic or subject. e.g. A site basis over the niche of LAW will have law related news on it. LAW niche pays well if you start getting ranked for its keywords. These simple but truely awesome themes will give no other exit path then an ad. What I mean by the exit path is like, a user came to your site and then went somewhere else.

Possibilities of Exit Path

A reader/user comes to your blog/site and then exits it in the following ways

He can

  1. Click an ad to exit
  2. Click the cross button to close your site’s tab
  3. Click on an external link present on your site

How to find exit path in WordPress?

Go and install this awesome plugin called StatsCounter and you will find a new tab in Dashboard below the Updates section cliking it and registering through will lead you to investigate your traffic.

official-statcounter-plugin-for-wordpress screenshot 1

Example Summary Stats

official-statcounter-plugin-for-wordpress screenshot 2

Look in its sidebar you find a lot of options and Exit path will be one of them explore it.

Enough Talk Where are the themes?

So let’s start the real deal

#5 WordPress Adsense CTR Theme : Mezzo – 3 Column WordPress Theme


Adsense ready on the second sidebar (250×250 px adsense size), all you have to do is insert your adsense ID.

Source | Download | Demo (Some users Reported its broken link , its working at my side.)

#4 WordPress Adsense CTR Theme : WP COLORS


This theme is present in more then 4 colors the adsense ads below menu are really converting.

Source | Download | Demo

Download Links
Blue/Orange Fixed Width 60.63 kB (3808 Downloads)
Blue/Orange Fluid width 62.1 kB (2519 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fixed Width 59.36 kB (2595 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fluid Width 56.29 kB (226 Downloads)
Lilac/Olive Fluid Width 56.29 kB (226 Downloads)
Pink/Black Fluid Width 58.84 kB (2404 Downloads)
Red/Black Fixed Width 61.74 kB (303 Downloads)
Red/Black Fluid Width 64.45 kB (587 Downloads)

#3 WordPress Adsense CTR Theme : WP MW Theme

This theme has really good integration of Adsense look inside the article it seems like a valid offer :)

Source |  Demo | Download

#2 WordPress Adsense CTR Theme: Tigopedia Theme

Nice theme a lot of software related sites use it.
 | DownloadTigopedia Reloaded 2.0| No Demo

#1 WordPress Adsense CTR Theme : Ad Minded

Time for the best converting theme I have ever used, its really simple that’s the key. I call it bluesense.


Source |

AdsMinded Original (Widgetized Version)

Download Ads Minded WordPress Theme Original (Widgetized Version) v2.0 (Zip file)

AdsMinded Wide (Widgetized Version)

Download Ads Minded WordPress Theme Wide (Widgetized Version) v2.0 (Zip file)

Check out the introduction, features and installation of the 2 versions :-

Your Turn

Tell Us which one you liked the most.

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Once again Ahmad you make me said that you are one of the best teacher as I have seen your article and this is the best way to make some one understand with the help of screen shots or images WP is now becoming more better for blogs and site of any type as it have many plugins which are more helpful in optimizing site on search engines.
Thank you for the best advices I must try to implement these on my site.

I think that implementing some of these strategies may make your blog a little spam looking. Just out of curiosity which ad sites would you reccomend.

Very Nice article bro, u explained very well. Well bro i want to ask, are these all themes are free of cost?

The all tricks and tips for Google ads placement are looking much helpful, i use them for my own blog.

Hi Ahmad! Thank you for the tutorial. I tried downloading theme #4 however, it is giving me an error. It says, “Download path is invalid!” Could you please look into it?

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