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5 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Business Facebook Page

Companies need all the help they can get to attract the attention of prospects and customers online. Jumping into the social media waters by putting up a professional Facebook page is a proven way to engage with your target market. Once you have a page you will need to know what to do to get people to give it lots of likes. How do you make your Facebook page appealing to win more likes?

Create a Robust Profile

Facebook provides you with a page that lets you tell visitors all about your company. Some businesses do not bother exploiting this opportunity. Leaving the about page blank, or including skimpy details, does not make your company look interesting. Remember, social media marketing is all about being more approachable. To get more likes you need to share information about your company’s background. Tell people what the company stands for and its main values. A detailed company history that includes interesting facts helps people get to know why you exist.

Research Your Target Community

Take time to explore similar communities within the Facebook environment. Snoop around at the pages of your competitors to see what they are up to. You can get lots of good information about how they go about getting likes. Potential customers are very likely to be visiting pages similar to yours. Research can save you lots of time in figuring out what your target market likes and does not like.

Create Intriguing Content for Fans

Social media pages that have lots of likes have one thing in common. They provide their fans with ongoing fresh content that intrigues and engages. Again, research is going to help you a lot in this area. Find out what people want to know most and put it on your page.

Join Groups and Like Other Pages

Social media is all about spreading your information far and wide. It needs to catch the wind and fly across the web. You can get things rolling by joining like-minded groups within your industry. There are all sorts of groups on Facebook. Participate and others will check out your page.

Use Facebook Advertising

Facebook itself has a sophisticated advertising platform. Learn how to use it to your advantage to get more visitors and more likes.

You can find good examples of interactive social media strategies by checking out Orangesoda’s Facebook page[/do] and similar professional business pages.

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