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30 Designs for Hand Art in 2014Awe-Inspiring

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By Alina Sofia

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28 replies on “30 Designs for Hand Art in 2014Awe-Inspiring”

Awesome i want to learn this kind of art from where i can make those things which is looking impossible.

Hello Alina,

The designs are just awesome. In fact, they remind of a few which resemble the ones I came across a decade ago. Hand art is just a gift of God and a great visual treat to all those who can appreciate. The art that depicts a peacock is the best.

Thanks a lot for sharing these.


Hey Alina,
Really great designs. I really like all the designs you have provided here. However I specially liked “# 15” – the Castle and the “# 4” is also quality design. Thanks for share.

Realy a cool stuff … was looking up something like this for my colg project ..
Thx again man appreceate your work

love your website dude… You are doing a great job. First impression was awesome! Keep it up!

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