Dec 28, 2012


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  • http://www.travelbuzzpro.com/ Saurabh

    As a simple javascript library, we have jquery which is very powerful. But I want to know which are some of the powerful canvas library in terms of usability, flexibility and versatility.

    I found Raphael to be pretty interesting, but I found it has very less effects. So I am looking for a canvas library with has a lot animation effects and flexibility working with SVG and canvas elements.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      I love Paper.js

  • http://www.jobshub.info/ Kyla

    There is one more library Flash.js that can be used to create flash games . This was build to be used instead of flash. So it is very compatible. I love the way you are writing your posts. Keep it up.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Thanks for liking the content I write. I will consider reviewing the mentioned one.

  • http://gwennaelbuchet.github.io/cgSceneGraph/ Gwennael Buchet


    thank you for your list.

    You can also add cgSceneGraph (I’m the designer of the framework).

    It’s a very powerful and extensible javascript canvas framework:
    – oriented object and very well commented
    – full animation engine
    – collision detection
    – animated sprite
    – a lot of events
    – object manipulation (multi selection, resize, drag, …, …)
    – provided with a lot a extension (particle engine, image, text, tab bar, button, animated sprite, …, …)
    – …

    I’ll be glad if you can try it or the examples and tell me what you think about it.

    Cheers. Gwennael.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Your request entertained library added to the post. Good one.