How To Start Freelancing?

Oct 13, 2012

Maedah Batool

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  • Rahul kashyap

    Really Awesome And valuable information for Freelancing Thanks For sharing this informative Post :)

  • Muhammad Talha

    its nice but the question in my mind is
    tell me where to and how to learn the skills to start freelancing how to give a start if you are completely beginner.

  • mohit rajwani

    can you please share some ways to get work for a freelancer as i need some work..???

  • shubham

    rightly said language is very important because this is the only way to impress the person who is giving work to you..!!!

  • Mairaj Pirzada

    Very well written! It’s captivating, and I’ve been trying to read it from yesterday just because it has something unique and useful. Loved the way it is presented and the way explained. Thanks! I’ve a keen in freelancing, but my belief is different. So, I don’t freelance. My elder brothers are looking for some kind of work, that they could wandering at sites like etc. But, so far no better or desired result. Could you tell us some sites or ways that could help in getting work?


    • AhmadAwais

      Fiverr, SEOclerks, Elance, Freelancer, Design99, oDesk etc etc

  • Sam

    When you want to prove yourself in freelancing then you need to put extra efforts in your skills because without that you can’t attract many numbers of readers who wants to take services from freelancer.But beside that there are good number of options are available to know many secrets about how to do freelancing like this article on web. So you just need to search on major search engines and then you can start your dream business from home easily.

  • Usama Siddiqui

    it’s a very good article. I am new towards freelancing and this article helped me a lot to understand the basics of freelancing.

  • Richa Shrivastava

    I had been a freelancer for a year, frankly speaking you need to have good command over many things to be a successful freelancers. Decent profile, good portfolio and most importantly your offer which you made to do certain task. Blend of all is needed to achieve high success.

  • Mohammad Shabbir Ahmed

    Great Tips…

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    nice informative article for newbies