175+ HD Android Wallpapers to Spice up your Screen

Live, looking, fresh collection of HD Android Wallpapers will help you to spice up your desktop, or Android screen. Who cares about iPhone!

Android is one of the most efficient OS for cell phones in 2013, it has got the most number of apps in the app store, it was initiated back iin around 2007 by Google, and was a big hit, these days Android Jelly Bean is the latest cover they hold in for the Mobile OS. Android comes in beating everything that ever used to be named with iPhone only. Even you can find some apps in the iTunes, which will allow you to mimic the android phone. HTC, Samsung, and Motorola are one of the biggest firms who have turned their hardware to wear Android Firmware.

Today with the advent of Android, each and everything in relation to Android has gain an ultimate attention, Android apps, Android tricks and tips, ROMs and mods are every where, what you are unable to find is a good set of Android Wall shots. Did I say wall shots? Ehh… I mean High Definition, High Quality, Android wallpaper, to spice up your screen are hardly available in a form of series. This is the fact we found and made a decision of collecting an ultimate collection of high quality free HD and HQ Android wallpapers. These include the wallpapers that are collected from, Deviant Art, Flickr, Pinterest, Evanto App and such other resources. Which leads us to make an ultimate collection of 175 wallpapers right here, below this paragraph for you and your lovely android cell phones.


Here they go

Germination 500x333 image


Flowers 500x445 image


Fire Moth 500x445 image


Feather 500x445 image


Eerie Woods 500x445 image


Drops 500x416 image


Desert 500x281 image


Cloud1 500x445 image


Candles 500x281 image


Blue Micro Leaf 500x416 image


Aztec Clock 500x312 image


Wood Planks 500x312 image


Waves 500x312 image


Water Drops Macro 500x325 image


Water Drops 500x416 image


Volume Meter 500x333 image


Visible Light 500x333 image


Urban Lights 500x312 image


Typography 500x281 image


Typographic World Map 500x445 image


The Winter Dream 500x333 image


Sunset At Sea 500x281 image


Stardust 500x312 image


Soap Bubbles 500x281 image


Shocking Pink 500x445 image


Savage Paper 500x312 image


Red Swirls 500x333 image


Pink Plum Plant 500x333 image


Pencils Under Water 500x416 image


Pencils 500x330 image


PCB Circuits 500x312 image


Outer Space 500x312 image


Orange Wave 500x281 image


November1 500x333 image


Neon Ball 500x445 image


Nature HD 500x333 image


Nature 500x416 image


Miui Original 500x416 image


Metallic Background 500x312 image


Krimini 500x416 image


Jellyfish 500x333 image


I Want to Go Home 500x333 image


Headphones 500x445 image


Green Leather 500x416 image


Green Blocks 500x445 image


Green Bamboo 500x281 image


Grass 500x416 image


Flooded World Map 500x333 image


Fire Pattern 500x312 image


Fantasy Face 500x312 image


Fabric Pattern 500x312 image


Entropy 500x329 image


DNA 500x281 image


Cosmos 500x445 image


Colorful Ribbons 500x416 image


Circle Patterns 500x312 image


Blue Circles 500x312 image


Bamboo1 500x445 image


Abstract Lights 500x281 image


ab3 500x445 image


Darth Vader1 500x281 image


Darth Vader 500x281 image


Where Snowflakes Are Born 500x375 image


Wheat 500x312 image


Up 500x312 image


Towards the Light 500x281 image


Timid Rose 500x312 image


Swirling 500x281 image


Sunflower 500x281 image


Strawberries 500x281 image


Stems 500x312 image


SPA Elements Candles 500x312 image


Smiling At The World 500x312 image


Secret 500x312 image


Retro Wooden Wall 500x312 image


Photosynthesize 500x281 image


Peacock Courtship 500x400 image


Orange Coral 500x400 image


Open Your Eyes 500x375 image


One Last Breath 500x313 image


Ocean Air Bubble 500x375 image


November 500x375 image


noise gradient 500x203 image


nexus7 image


Minimalistic Cloud 500x281 image


Marshmallow Hunting 500x312 image


Marchin On 500x281 image


macro 500x333 image


Leaves of Life 500x281 image


LBA SweetSensation 500x312 image


Grass Dew 500x312 image


Galaxy SIII 500x281 image


Galaxy IV 500x281 image


Flowers Wallpapers 158 500x281 image


Flowers Wallpapers 143 500x281 image


Flower 47 500x312 image


Fisches 500x312 image


Faster Than Your Car 500x375 image


Fallen Maple Leaf 500x400 image


Earth Impact 500x281 image


Drops Gold 500x375 image


Dandelions 500x281 image


Dandedrops 500x312 image


Cupcakes 500x281 image


Corn Field 500x375 image


Colored Leaves 500x281 image


Clownfish and Bubble Tipped Anemone 500x375 image


Cloud 500x281 image


Caffe 500x312 image


Beer Bubbles 500x332 image


Bamboo 500x312 image


Autumn Leaves 500x333 image


Aspen Grove 500x400 image


Abstract Multicolor Pattern 500x281 image


work 03 image


work 02 image


work 01 image


sun 03 image


sun 02 image


sun 01 image


snow 03 image


snow 02 image


snow 01 image


rain 03 image


rain 02 image


rain 01 image


night 03 image


night 02 image


night 01 image


morning 04 image


morning 03 image


morning 02 image


morning 01 image


home 03 image


home 02 image


home 01 image


headphones 03 image


headphones 02 image


headphones 01 image


evening 03 image


evening 02 image


evening 01 image


conditional wallpapers image


clouds 03 image


clouds 02 image


clouds 01 image


car 03 image


car 02 image


car 01 image


bluetooth 02 image


bluetooth 01 image


blog head image


bat low 04 image


bat low 01 image


bat full 02 image


bat full 01 image


bat discharge 02 image


bat discharge 01 image


bat charge 02 image


bat charge 01 image


Green Android by clondike7 500x312 image


Google Android Wallpaper 03 by Morozov 500x250 image


Google Android Wallpaper 02 by Morozov 500x250 image


EgFox Android HD 2010 by Eg Art 500x312 image


androidwallpapers 500x206 image


Android Wallpaper Pack by MisterCow Pnoy 500x375 image


Android Wallpaper by clondike7 500x312 image


Android Wallpaper 3 by Shanibern 500x312 image


Android vs iOS 4 by phragmentation 500x312 image


Android street acid by Madsen 7 500x312 image


android by theederv 500x281 image


Android by fetuscakemix 500x312 image


Android by ewunix image


Android Aluminium Wallpaper by frezorer 500x416 image



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