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5 Sound Reasons to Redesign Your Clients Website

These days, when everything and everyone can be found online, we’re seeing more and more customers use the Internet as a place to search for services and goods. Therefore, your audience’s first impression of your company is likely to be based on your website. In the light of the fact that this trend is only getting stronger, redesigning your website shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It requires a great deal of effort, planning and money, but the outcome can be immense.


Every year, we see new trends in web design emerge and develop. Even though your current website may be absolutely satisfactory to you, it’s important to take note of these trends and gradually incorporate those into your next redesign. The more you can use, the better you new site will be. When considering whether to redesign or not, you will find many excellent reasons not to renovate your website. Ignore those :), here are 5 great reasons to make it happen.


1. Your website doesn’t work. This line has both a figurative and a literal meaning. Even if your site is functional and has a super-trendy design, you might not get the results you want. So, if your conversion rates are low and your visitors seem to show no interest in your company, it’s time for a major overhaul, this time – with marketing in mind.


Your website might not work literally, too (we hope this is not your case). It might be dysfunctional in certain processes or might not be as usable as it could be. Functionality should be your major concern.Designer - Client (Webydo).jpg


2. Your business goals have changed. Any business is a pretty flexible phenomenon, so it’s no surprise that your marketing goals can change as your company grows. So make sure your website goes hand in hand with your marketing plans. Surely, you don’t have to do a full redesign each time to adjust your business goals. If this is not your case, and you haven’t altered your business goals since the company launch, it might not be your web presence that’s the problem ;).


3. Tougher competition. Fierce competition moves us forward. Visit your competitors’ websites regularly to see what improvements they make to get higher rankings, attract/retain customers as well as to push YOU down in searches. Spend some hours on their sites, click here and there, and behave as a customer to identify your own areas of improvement.


4. Your tools are outdated. To save finance and time we often embed handy third-party tools to improve our sites’ functionality. Ideally, these tools should be updated by their developers on a regular basis. But oftentimes, for various reasons these tools are cast adrift and simply can’t compete with up-to-date apps. If you suspect that your tools (shopping cart, registration form or live chat etc.) aren’t up to modern functionality standards, consider incorporating user-friendlier and more visually appealing instruments. Show your customers that you care.


5. Your site isn’t responsive. If your website doesn’t perform well on mobiles and tablets, the chances you’re losing potential customers are high. There are different ways to provide your users with an excellent mobile UX: mobile sites (separate, lighter versions); mobile apps (perfect for interactive websites); RWD (responsive web design). Each option has its benefits and disadvantages. Your choice should be based on your business essence and goals. As many content management systems and web design suites are responsive out-of-the-box, like Webydo, the powerful online website design studio for creative professionals for instance, is creating a mobile-friendly website shouldn’t be as daunting as it used to be a few years ago. Webydo_designer-01.png


By Alina Sofia

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