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Hi Guys!!! For all the lovers & all my well-wishers, I am feeling great pleasure to inform you that this time I am participating in a Guest Blogging Contest hosted by Blog Engage. For this I have written an article which is very much close to my heart & narrates a lot about my personal life. I hope reading this article will make you know, that there are others who share the sae pain you share when you blog. Now, I need your support in winning this contest which I know you will definitely give as my readers have always stood by me in every thick and thin. I am cock sure that with your support & prayers I will definitely win. God Willing making someone feel really proud who is the inspiration behind this article ;p

Kindly, do drop in your valuable comments as they mean a lot to me.

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Here is the link to the article I wrote =>


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12 replies on “Participation In Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest”

All the best to you for your entry Awais bro.
I was also wondering to write an article for blog engage to try my luck to win a blog engage account (Worth $19), the article is complete didn’t send it to them yet because It’s too late. The last date is 15th July so I don’t think I can win.

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