Make Desktop Apps With HTML & CSS : Use AppJS

Desktops Apps vuilding was one of my dreams when I used to be a kid, but now-a-days it is a passion.Desktop apps are more viral than ever.With WINDOWS 8 Launch they will become more and more viral.So , what do you think ? You should start building Desktop Apps right away.


Make Desktop Apps With HTML & CSS : Use AppJS

AppJS is a great resource to get your Desktop Apps developed by using WEb programmings  (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

AppJS uses Chromium as core and Node,js as a bulding block.Lets hope that it launches and hatches out of its early stage soon

Intitial Requirements: Node.js
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This is a good news, that we can create our own desktop apps using this tool. Thanks for the information. Let me start my first Desktop application with css and html.

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