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Google Doodle For Start Trek

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek is a science fiction by Gene Roddenberry full with adventures of starship of USS Enterprise and its crew, led by Captain James T. Kirk, first officer … Wikipedia
First episode: September 8, 1966
Final episode: June 3, 1969
Theme song: Theme from Star Trek
Network: NBC

Google Doodle For Star Trek

One of the really creative doodles Google have since they were initiated. It’s kinda game which you can play HOW? just go to and follow the 4 balls teaser in the left of Google’s Logo, what you will see after clicking those will be the doodle we are talking about.



When you will hover your mouse over the door in it, you will be able to click, here is where the game begins then you follow it up and end up killing some strange creatures. It’s good how Google mingle up with such events, bringing our attentions towards the stuff we might have forgot.


Over to your hands:

Can your hands exclaim in a form of comment how much you liked this doodle ?


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Yesterday when I was browsing things I searched something but then realized that I saw some really cool and interesting Doodle that Google has uploaded. So I went back and had a view, which I liked very much. Today, seeing such a post on Freakify made me so pleased that I felt you penned down what was running in my mind. Thanks for sharing such a post.

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