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Go Green Pakistan – Turning Facebook/Twitter Display Pictures to Green

Go Green Pakistan is a purely Pakistani campaign on social media networks over the Internet. Our main purpose of this movement was to change the display pictures of every Pakistani and the people who are friends of Pakistan to a green image. People across the planet send us their images and our team at Go Green Pakistan edit those images manually and put a green background with Pakistan’s flag behind the faces. We first targetted the famous Facebook and turned it to green and then we stepped into the Twitter and changed over 10000 display pictures (avatars) of Pakistanis to green within just the short time span of 14 days. Our campaign started at 1st of August 2009 and by the end of 14th August 2009 over 10,000 display pictures were edited by our team. The whole facebook and twitter was giving the “Kryptonite” green look.

Pakistan’s electronic media also got an eye on us and Geo News gave us a coverage over the television.

More details http://gogreenpakistan.com

Go Green Pakistan Graphic Designers


  • Talal Masood
    Twitter ID: @tAALz
    Facebook: tAALz
    Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ahmad Awais
    Twitter ID: @mrahmadawais
  • Location: UET Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ahsan Ali
    Twitter ID: @MrAhsanali
    Facebook: AhsanAli
    Location: UET Lahore, Pakistan
  • Nasir Jumani
    Twitter ID: @nasirjumani
    Facebook: NasirJumani
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan



Go Green Pakistan Promoters

  • Sabeen Syed
    Twitter ID: @xabeen
    Facebook: –
    Location: Texas, USA
  • Rumaisa Mohani
    Twitter ID: @RumaisaMohani
    Facebook: –
    Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Sana Arif
    Twitter ID: –
    Facebook: SanaArif
    Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Alam
    Twitter ID: @alzeee
    Facebook: alzeee
    Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Komal Awan (Advocate)
    Twitter ID: –
    Facebook: Komal.Awan
    Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Sarfaraz M Khan
    Twitter ID: @SMKhan
    Facebook: SarfarzKhan
    Location: –
  • Soban Akram
    Twitter ID: –
    Facebook: SobanAkram
    Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Sida Jalil
    Twitter ID: @dreamzdweller
    Facebook: SidraJalil
    Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. Awab
    Twitter ID: @DrAwab
    Facebook: –
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Faisal Kapadia
    Twitter ID: @FaisalKapadia
    Facebook: –
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan
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