Get Paypal In Pakistan Through MoneyGram

It is a great news of Pakistani users and for all those countries where Paypal was not present. Now you can use MoneyGram to have your own Paypal.  How? Where can we get this? I am going to explain it here.

Update: This service is available in US only for now. But we hope so, we will get it here in Pakistan sooner than later.

Check this in FAQ :

What countries can I send money to?
Currently, you can add or send cash to your own on someone else’s PayPal account in the US. Additional countries will be added soon!

MoneyGram Paypal Registration in Pakistan

How to get Moneygram Paypal Pakistan


Get yourself a Paypal and cash in or cash out through MoneyGram as easily as it sounds.

How to add cash to Paypal Moneygram


What they say?

“This latest initiative with MoneyGram is another example of how we’re enabling our digital wallet to work across multiple platforms and devices, online and offline, in order to offer consumers more control, flexibility and functionality when interacting with their money,” Dan Schatt, PayPal’s head of financial innovations, wrote on the company blog.

 What they offer?

MoneyGram Paypal

The service is currently available at nearly 47,000 convenient MoneyGram locations in the US.

But we can hope for it to be here in Pakistan sooner than later.


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