DAFUQ! Women VS Men after a Haircut

This post explains about the situation which is encountered every day several times in a barber shop. Whenever ladies and gents visit for a hair cut a marked difference in attitude is observed between the two. The image displayed says it all by itself. I am an eye witness to such situations being a female myself. Ladies come and first demand for a perfect hair cut no matter what the charges are. I have even seen ladies saying: “Tell us about your most expensive package of hair cutting.” I don’t know what should this be called immaturity or not not.


Funny but True

If we now talk about the story on the other side, poor males shave their heads off completely without any complains and demands. According to general reviews of the barbers, they say that hair cutting is far more hectic but more rewarding for females than for males and this image says it all. How many of you agree with this??? Share it with your friends and let us know about their and your’s opinion.


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