Godaddy Cheapest Domain Offer

Nov 5, 2012


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  • Muhammad Talha

    thanks you very much for informing us.

  • Dawson

    Thanks for the discount coupon code. Gonna grab a domain name now.

  • Mark


    Thank you for informing us. I have bought two domains for my new projects. :)

    Thank you

    • AhmadAwais

      That seems great.

  • mohit

    just purchased one for my new project.

  • shubham

    any renewal coupon available…??

    • AhmadAwais

      No not right now.

  • Sony Goraya

    Thanks Man :) noW thIinking 4 a good domain for android blog…. :P

  • Nikz

    i want to transfer a domain to godaddy any discount offer for it?

    • AhmadAwais

      Yes this discount also avaialbe for transfer.

  • Azubuike

    You are really offering great info here. I just registered two .com domains at when I read your last post about their offer. I will be getting more domains from godaddy using the coupon you provided. Thanks

    • AhmadAwais

      Good to see it helped you.

  • Anish Sangamam

    Hey Ahmad,

    Thanks for the information bro :) , I wanted a domain which had my name in it and finally got it for a cheap price. Thanks a lot

    • AhmadAwais

      Good for you!

  • Azubuike

    Its cool mehn. I just bought a domain there using your coupon code.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Yogesh Rao

    i am very much grateful for the information, i like the font u use in comment section,

  • Haseeb Ahmad Ayazi

    hmm. Thinking about getting my new domains from godaddy

  • vishal verma

    discount not working…only 100rs waived…

    • AhmadAwais

      I guess you are late.

  • Rabia Akram

    so if I order the private registration,I get for 1.99 a new domain…if so the next years will I be still paying 1.99 for a domain or..?

    • AhmadAwais

      From next year it will have regular price.

  • Arsie Organo

    Wow! That’s cheap and just in time for my new concept. I am going to build a new blog site and this will cut my costs a little bit. Thanks Ahmad for the tip.

    • AhmadAwais

      Good luck.

  • Ethel

    Now have a new domain to use! This is great!

  • Taimoor

    thank you bro!

  • Hardy

    Only a discount of 14% is available with this coupon..

    • AhmadAwais

      You are late.