Oct 11, 2012


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  • paschal

    hey bro thanks very much i have a question and it goes like can i add this to already background themes i use genesis framework and also i have a background image please check it or better still explian more about how it works the advantage over my own background

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      If you will add it in the end of your style sheet, it will have most priority. So, it will show up not the old one.
      It is like, if you want to show clouds in the background and you start thinking how much big the background image should be, it resolves that issue.

  • http://blogcheer.com Umer Rock

    Very Nice today i requested for this on pakistani probloggers group thanx mate dude now let me try :)

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      I hope it works well at you side.

  • http://www.carnivalgoa.com/holiday-packages/ Sam

    This is cool info from where you can show your different look in front of others to make your site/blog more attractive.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Thanks for liking it.

  • http://www.thegamescouts.com Ameenah

    Thanks for the CSS snippet. :) A great background image can sometimes add a lot of interest to a website’s design.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais


  • http://www.technikant.com/ shubham

    wow..its amazing i have used it it looks just awesome.!!!!1

  • http://www.trickytechno.com/ mohit rajwani

    i was looking for it from a long time..thanskjss

  • http://bloggingmatters.net/ Hassaan Khan

    Well, nice post Ahmad bhai! I searched the method of placing fix background through CSS, never got one few months back. I request to post an article to place some fix banner with CSS on sides of the website/blog. Good luck!

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Can you be more elaborate about your request?

  • http://bloggingmatters.net/ Hassaan Khan

    Yes, I was saying like some advertisement banner which is just fixed on any side of the blog’s layout, when page rolls down, banner remains there, just like chatting snippet in facebook, it remains fix on right side. I was saying, post the coding and tutorial on this topic.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Will write on it.