This is a guest post by  Syed Daniyal

Blog Comments Approved

 Your Blog Comments Approved HELL YEAH

As a blogger I daily do lots of comments on many different websites. Definitely my main concern is to make backlinks for my site. In return many visitors also comment on my site Yeah I do allow them to comment on my blog and get backlinks. But one thing I don’t like is Spam comments. They destroy the beauty of the content. These spammy comments took quite a lot time to remove and sometime In doing so some authentic quality comments get deleted which make me angry. I am writing this because I daily see bunch of comments in my blogger comment tab. But out of which mostly use to be spam and irrelevant to the post.

So, here are some Quick tips that you can consider while commenting so that your comment won’t get trashed

Quick tips to get your Comments approved

Read Comment Policy:

First thing I will suggest you to read the comment policy of at least one site because usually all the websites have same type of policy with some exception. It won’t take much of your time and you will get some idea of the admins mind. If you don’t have time then think of yourself what kind of comments you would like to accept.

Don’t add keywords in name section

Always use your real name while commenting. This way your comments will look real and you can make good relationships with the admin and in future he may easily approve your comments without reading them. Everybody wants keywords on their link but it looks that a bot has commented

Add value to the Content.

Don't use only two words like

  • Great post
  • Nice post
  • Thanks for sharing
  • Thanks for writing the article

These words are two much common now. It depicts that comment has made only for the sake of backlink. Commonly Write 3 – 4 liner commented or at least one complete sentence otherwise I am 100% sure that no admin will approve your comment. Because time has changed now and criteria of quality is now changed

Don’t add links within the comment

Now a days usually most of the tech and blogging niche bloggers are using comment luv plugin so it makes no sense of adding links to comment but if you see other niche where admins don’t use this plugin don’t like links within the comment until you know the admin little bit. Also if you are adding link then add a relevant link otherwise Admin will add you in spam commenters and you won’t be able to comment on that site again in future.

Don’t comment too much in one Day

Sometimes it happens that you find a website related to your niche moreover it is do follow too. What you do? You start commenting on that blog like a wild fire even you made authentic comments when admins see all comments from same person. They may think it is a bot and delete all the comments. So, what you get? Nothing

Don’t spoil the post

Everyone has its own point of view. No two people in the world are same. If you don’t agree with the author point of view then describe your opinion in gentle words. Using harsh words will destroy your image not of author. Start healthy conversation and reply politely with strong arguments So, that other readers also understand you.

Don’t write Essay Comments

You may be thinking I am wrong but first read below screen shot I took from a site while searching for high PR pages for a client

Don’t think like a blogging/tech niche blogger where your essay comments always get accepted. There are bunch of other niches where getting your comment approved by an admin is not an easy task. Always write to the point too lengthy comments looks spammy to most of the admins. Write relevant to blog post. No one is free to listen your stories.

Don’t Enter Affiliate links

Just don’t enter. No one wants to share his/her revenue. Work Harder create your own blog and place your affiliate links there.

Never Use Spinners or Commenting bots

If you are looking for quality backlinks through blog commenting then never use bots like Scrape box, scape jet, Comment Kahuna, Commenting demon etc. They will surely get you comments easily but only on spammed to death sites.

So, what to do to get your comments approved

Here are some short tips

  1. Make blogs list relevant to your niche almost 50+.
  2. Subscribe to their blogs feed.
  3. Be consistent and comment whenever they publish new post.
  4. Write authentic comment instead of spinner software generated comments
  5. Make community around yourself
  6. Follow the ethical rules

Author Bio:  Syed Daniyal is a Business & IT student. He loves to blog & play games in his free time. His love extends to Web Design Riches , he keeps sharing his experience at it.