Your Blog Comments Approved HELL YEAH

Jul 19, 2013

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  • Muhammad Talha

    wow it is very informative and i think it covers all the aspects which any admin always have in his mind to approve the comment or not….
    Great Guppu Boss.

    • Syed Daniyal

      Thanks for encouraging words Talha. Always place yourself instead of admin when you wanted to post a spammy comment. It will give you clear idea It will approve or not

  • Alina Sofia

    Quality comments are very important for your site. But its way better not to comment if you’re posting spam comments.

    • Syed Daniyal

      You are right Alina You must moderate comments otherwise spam comments will count in copyscape

      • James

        I moderate all of my comments but only because the spam I receive is out of control. Seriously people all you need to do is try and write something relevant. Bots are not the answer!!

        Anyways great site, I have definitely picked up some good tips today browsing your posts.

        Come on PR update 8)

  • Salman Ahmad

    I’m getting more than 200 Spam comments daily….
    And i’m stuck of it.
    Is there any alternative to akimist ?

    • AhmadAwais

      Use GISP

  • Rabia Akram

    Spam comments give your blog the look of something having low quality.But its also important to note its never a bad idea to talk with the editor of the blog directly if you think your comments are not being accepted for good reason.

    • Syed Daniyal

      @Rabia Daily commenting on a blog makes admin trust you and easily approve your comment without reading it

  • Kuldeep

    Cool one, Well i believe blog commenting is an awesome way to build relationships among blogger and i also think that comments are like tiny posts which we share about our thoughts. But in these process a main problem is spammers which ruin all the value of the comments as you’ve mentioned above.


    • Syed Daniyal

      Yup Kuldeep Blog commenting increases your online relationships and also helps to make your unique identity. Which helps you to grow fast
      Thankd for your comment

  • david

    these are wonderful tips and thoughts for how you should not be selfish
    while you are commenting on the blogs or articles
    its works two ways give something and take something

    • Syed Daniyal

      Dawood Bhai always use your real name and try to get gravatar image

  • Ahsan

    Comment is a good way to improve backlinks. But lots of people misuse it. You added some good tips on how to comment. You described all sections on comment policy in a fruitful way :)

    • Syed Daniyal

      Thanks for your comment Ahsan. Poeple should think if they are getting free backlink then they must pay with a valueable comment

  • Bharadwaj Giridhar

    Awesome post ! I loved it really BTW using blogger is old fashioned hehe but nice post

    • Syed Daniyal

      Old fashion is coming back :-p

  • asif shahzad

    thanks for sharing this i says its precious post because i also much tired from spammers i delete daily lot of comments created by the same person if you have way to block any spammer then please must share i need it.

    • Syed Daniyal

      Use Akismet wordpress plugin to stop Bot comments or GASP both are good. They will automatically push such comments to spam box

      • asif shahzad

        know about askimet but it also removed many real comments.

  • sangram

    wow..that was nicely explained….usually i get around 5-6 comments daily on some of my blogs with some stuffed words…really hate it..

    i am using blogger..i have heard wp has some good widget to filter it…

    • AhmadAwais

      Yes Akismet is great.

    • Syed Daniyal

      Blogger is also good in stopping spam comments just disable Anonymous and Name.url field from settings. you will not get more such comments

  • Ashish Kumar

    Comment have important value for any blog. They shows the user integration to the blog. Very explained and decent info :)

    • Syed Daniyal

      Comments are always welcome and feels good when you get encouragement but spam no way :/

  • Amit Kumar

    These are some of the comments I ignore. These makes my blog looks unhygienic and gimmick.

    • Syed Daniyal

      You must delete those comments instead of ignoring them

  • Dr-Hack

    But the recent Google SEO changes, ask us to Curb this Habit and its a bad rep for the site with such links .. what the experts say ? ..
    I dont get backlinks.. its just OFF ;) .. content matters More

    • Syed Daniyal

      Google say you to get links from related niches and on quality regular updated websites. Try to get nofollow links from unrelated niche sites. and only Good content get comments :D

  • Ahmad Awais

    Nice post I really like the concept an idea.
    I never support the Keywords in names. All bloggers should follow these guidelines.

  • Atif Imran

    I agree with you that Some people are commenting without reading the full post .And their words are like this type . great post , thanks etc .And results zero .
    After reading this post also revealed that what is real name of Guppo Boss .
    Guppo Jee great tutorial ….

    • Syed Daniyal

      Thanks for your comment Atif. I created Guppu Boss profile just for fun. :D then used for blogging purpose only. My personal profile is different. No blog talk there

  • Rajesh Namase

    Yeah I agree with you, many people leave comment to get backlinks, I’m using GASP plugin to prevent SPAM comments. Akismet nowadays marks valid comments as a SPAM.

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    Agreed, Spam comments just ruin the Article and really disappointing as well.

  • Tushar

    Well i believe during this decade their is an awesome growth in blog commenting as it one of the natural way to build online reputation and to build quality backlinks.

    However the spammer are ruining it by annoying the articles by posting the unwanted comments. Although i use some plug ins which stop them to do so. Thanks a lot for more tips about comments.. will follow all those

  • Mark


    Excellent work Danial. I think we should not make comments on other blogs to get some crappy back links ! , We should comment on other blogs to add some value on others blog.
    It is not about link which you are getting, Its about your Reputation and your esteem !

    Thank you


  • Mahesh Verma

    Really Nice and valuable information. I am agree with you Unique and topic related comment is very important and attractive. Me also delete lot off spam comments on my blog. I hate spamming. But I like the people who write Quality Comment in my website. :)

  • Umair Maqsood

    Pretty good post. Almost covering all the aspects of Blog Commenting. This post can be a real help for anyone who’s looking to step into SEO. Since link building is where everything starts from and Blog commenting is one major aspect of that. Good work!

  • noman
  • Muneeb Ahsan

    nice post, learn a lot from that. Thanks for sharing

  • Imran

    hi, can you please share with us the list of sites where you post comments. That will mean a lot :) thanks.

  • Pinay Traveller

    Hi! These are really helpful tips. Didn’t realize how useful well-written comments are to one’s own website. More please! :)