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Your Blog Comments Approved ? HELL YEAH

This is a guest post by  Syed Daniyal Blog Comments Approved As a blogger I daily do lots of comments on many different websites. Definitely my main concern is to make backlinks for my site.

Fiverr Earn Money by Selling Anything

This is a Site Founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, They aimed to make a Platform for people who can work as Freelance contractors and Buyers majorly for Micro tasks like Designing, Developing,Writing ,etc.

70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit

Successful people learn from their own mistakes. Most successful people learn from others’ mistakes. — (perhaps, Derek Halpern) Tell me one person on the earth who does not commit mistakes? You can’t find one,

Rocking Guide: How to Pick a Great Domain Name?

Picking a Good domain name serves a big role in success of a website or a blog. Domain name of your blog is identity of your blog. People will recognize your blog with your

10 WordPress Plugins to Backup your Blog

It is very much important to back up your blog. It makes you feel secure. No matter what happens to your blog, if you have a nice backup in hand you can go and restore it.

Mark Parker to Mark Blog- Reborn

Mark Parker to Mark Blog- Reborn When I opened my eyes I found myself on a bed in an ICU of a nearby hospital with an oxygen mask on my face and a sharp

Wired Habits of Bloggers

Wired Habits of Bloggers The life of many bloggers is usually restricted to just one room with the usual interaction between him and his computer plus the outside world of blogging. Mostly bloggers spend

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012 is near. Every blogger is hearing a lot of fuss about page rank update. Rumors about 2nd, November have already been trolled by Google. Not only Google but

Godaddy’s Cheapest Domain Offer .com For $1.99

Godaddy Cheapest Domain Offer Get a .com domain for only $1.99 from godaddy’s offer right now. Details GoDaddy CouponLink: Get the Discount gofbh005 TrxType: New or Transfer TLD: com DomainPrice: $

Freakify offers upto 50% Discount at Bluehost Hosting Accounts

Freakify has partnered with bluehost to provide its readers a good deal of discount on web hosting packages they provide. Up to  50% Discount at Bluehost Hosting Accounts is a really big deal for some

How To Start Freelancing?

How To Start Freelancing? :- The number of people turning out to be Freelance Writers is really astonishing. If you are fed up of your crabby boss, acting on his orders from 9 to 5

What Annoys Readers When They Read Your Blog?

Urghhhh!!! Shit!!! Piece of crap….. I really don’t know why do I always come and get pissed off through this sucking blog. It always rapes my internet connection and test me and my poor

8 Absurd Reasons To Start Your Blog

The unusual side of every task may attract many throughout the world. Similarly, many take blogging very seriously and are very passionate about it, while many others may do it for the sake of