Fashion trend and style change according to the time. Like seasons fashion line also changes. Girls are very much conscious about their looks and always want to keep themselves up-to-date according to the fashion. In today’s article we discuss about nail art and display some amazing nail art pictures for our dear freakify readers. Nail art is very common and the most desirable trend these days. It is very creative and exciting trend. Girls enhance their nail beauty by applying colorful nail colors and designs. Designing can be done with stones, beads cartoons and by drawing different pictures on nails. There is variety of designs nail art and colors are available in market. That is very attractive and catches the attention of School going girls who are conscious about their nails and wants to look perfect and glamorous. School going girls are very crazy about their nails and nail art designs. They are very fond of nail art designs. School girls wants to show off their unique and attractive designs to their friends and have a competition that who has the best and the most impressive design. They want such designs which are not too loud and goes perfectly with their uniform. Mostly, school girls go for simple french manicure. Because some schools don’t allow girls to keep long nails and apply nail paints. So, we are presenting 20+ Best Nail Art Designs for School Girls. Let’s have a look on our beautiful collection of nail art and don’t forget to share your experience with us. You will find it productive and useful and you can easily apply them in your home. Cheers! You ca also check out the 30+Nail Art Designs 2014.z

Design # 21:

nokti 5 image

Design # 20:

nokti 20 image

Design # 19:

nokti 17 image

Design # 18:

sequin nails image

Design # 17:

tumblr mb0hjkvZhc1qgqgyxo1 500 image
Design # 16:
stellar image

Design # 15:
NAIL ART ASIATIQUE 7 imageDesign # 14:
nail ideas glamour designs image

Design # 13:
glamour nails gold glitter imageDesign # 12:
red nails big polka design image

Design # 11:
french red nails image

Design # 10:
glamour red nail designs image

Design # 09:
red flower nails image

Design # 08:
red nail polish ideas imageDesign # 07:
fall nail art ideas imageDesign # 06:
easy fall nail art trends image
Design # 05:
autumn fall nail art imageDesign # 04:
leaves fall nails imageDesign # 03:
spring nail ideas 2013 image
Design # 02:
simple nails for spring image

Design # 01:
fall nail designs image