Whenever you want to look your business to another level you go for online assistance and the first thing which strikes your mind is to run an official website. To show this online presence you need a host which can represent your site and can hold all you data fully secured. These web hosting services as they are generally termed are for the organizations to show their site through World Wide Web which is the Big Daddy of all websites. So its very much important to hire the services of such a host who is very hospitable and entertains you warmly.


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To the list of all the renounced web hosting companies Abdicar.com is one such name which has proved itself in the world where there is a lot of tough competition among such companies. This did not happen in one day. It took 8 years for Abdicar.com to achieve what it is toady since the time it was started way back in 2003. It is basically functioning out of USA and Costa Rica and is ranked well in the list of such companies and is serving with full credibility.

Hosting Services:-

On a general note three basic types of web hosting exists based on the nature of traffic. For those who don’t know are:

Dedicated Servers:

This is specifically for big personal websites targeted especially to bring heavy traffic and loads of data. Though this is efficient but requires technical assistance plus it costs more. In this type of hosting service everything is under your control and you need not to worry about the issues that you may encounter.

Virtual Private Server VPS:

This hosting service are for all medium based site owners whose requirement lies between shared and dedicated hosting. This is efficient as well as not too costly. Also generates handsome traffic for the site.

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Shared Servers:

As its name explains many websites share the same server as host. This is particularly for low rated sites which do not generate heavy traffic. This kind of hosting is simple and low cost. Its target market is the blog owners.

We can proudly say that Abdicar.com is offering two of the best hosting services namely VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Service. 

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Dedicated Hosting at Abdicar:-

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If your site is facing loading issues you can avail the dedicated services which comes in six different types without wasting a minute further. All the site owners can enjoy the Dedicated Hosting is very simple and reasonable rates at Abdicar.com. According to your requirement Abdicar.com is offering three exciting packages which range in $80 to $510 per month. The features that are offered under this banner are:

  • A bulk of 4 GB to 32 GB RAM.
  • An unmetered Bandwidth.
  • A speedy port with 10 MBPS network.
  • A hard disk bearing a capacity in the range 2×1.5 TB and 4×1.5 TB.
  • Provides 5 usable IP addresses.
  • Works equally well on all operating systems but best on LINUX.

An exciting feature is that if you want to design it to a special requirement like more RAM, different CPU and special VLAN then you may contact Abdicar.com. 

VPS Hosting at Abdicar:-

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If you are fed up bearing the bounds of shared hosting yet can’t afford the expenses of dedicated hosting, Abdicar.com is to the rescue with its four types of VPS services. You can start off with VPS on simple rates of $8 per month and then you can set up in a mighty project worth $28. The features they are offering includes:

  • A range of burstable RAM from 384 MB to 1.50 GB.
  • A completely free setup-sounds great!!!
  • An unmetered bandwidth.
  • A Costa Rica bearing IP address.
  • Node speed network in the range 5 mbit to 100 mbit.
  • Number of CPUs offered up to 4 depending upon your package.
  • A storage space from 50 GB to 150 GB.
  • Raid 1.
  • Complete root access together with major LINUX distributions. 

Additional Features:-

Abdicar.com does not stops here it has still a lot more to offer to its users. It bears several additional features which fascinates the users more. These include the following:

Affiliate Program:

Abdicar.com is providing a golden opportunity to earn dollars if you are an affiliate marketer. You can earn a 10% commission per client per order. Plus you can simply earn $50 in bonus just if you sign up as an affiliate. You are paid by the 15th of every month via PayPal. This affiliate program software works with the billing system of the website. To be an affiliate you can register at the site and then you can activate hosting affiliate membership account and earn $50 right away.

Domain name:

Abdicar.com provides a feature where you can also get a catchy domain name for your site. It provides names in three different categories. International domain names like .com, .org, .net etc. Costarican domain names which may be .co.cr, .fi.cr, .cr etc. Last but not the least you can earn Pro domain names as well like .pro, .asia, .name etc.


The biggest concern of all the users they face once they choose the web host is security of their database, emails and personal information. Abdicar.com has made full proof arrangements which ensure the security of data.

SSL Certificates:

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For the sake of e-commerce transactions and security almost all the clients demand for SSL certificate. Without a valid browser address people hesitate in dropping their personal info online. Without a SSL certificate your site is at risk and can go in bad hands. Abdicar.com has solved this nightmare as it comes up with a fully loaded SSL packages ranging from $30 to $150 per annum.

With these the users can enjoy security in terms of 128- bit encryption, bears true site identity seal, compatibility with browsers, fully secured user data and a lot more.

Server Backup:

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In case of some bad incident you may lose you data, you need not to panic. Abdicar.com can help you recover your data any time you want. All you have to do is to get your FTP Remote Server Backup in just $10 to $25 per month. Through this facility Adbicar.com duplicates and updates your data and keep it safe in USA and Costa Rica. Yes in two different countries at one time. The company guarantees its solid and secure network in these two places.

Abdicar.com-My Personal Recommendation:-


Due to the flexibility in rates along with best services I don’t find any other company other than Abdicar.com which provides the same facilities. They are the genuine web hosts in the market and you can easily built your trust in their services. They offer free OS reinstall, class C IP server with 254 IPs together with an active Customer Portal Service which distinguish it from others. Due to all such numerous features Abdicar.com is doubtless the King of Web Hosting Companies for me and I’m sure for you as well if you try it out. I definitely second all those who recommend Abdicar.com and now I’m one of those.