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Twitter is usually compared to a party, wherever friends gather to share data and folks connect through common interests. But if you’re new in the party, there’s a decent probability that you’re reaching to build some mistakes. These aren’t those Twitter mistakes that you simply examine within the paper or see on TMZ. This area unit easy and easy-to-fix mistakes that area unit typically created by people that simply don’t recognize any higher.

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Here square measure twenty things to bear in mind on Twitter:

  1. Not effort enough area to retweet: The primary lesson each Twitter trio ought to learn: simply because you have got a hundred and forty characters, doesn’t mean you wish to use all of them. It’s sometimes an honest plan to stay posts to concerning a hundred and twenty characters to permit folks that retweet with the RT format the power to try and do therefore while not having to edit your tweet for length.
  2. Not shortening links in your Tweets: This is often one among the foremost common mistakes and it doesn’t have to be compelled to be. Inspect link shortens like or You’ll even be able to track the quantity of clicks the links you’re sharing get with these tools.
  3. Long Twitter handles: If your handle is longer than the primary 1/2 your tweet, you’re losing valuable area. Keep handles as short as attainable thus you’ve got enough space to truly write one thing.
  4. Too much self-promotion: Slightly self-promotion is nice for any business however if your timeline is riddled with “I’s or Wes’s” and you’re solely retweets square measure concerning you, then you’re doing an excessive amount of. Follow the 80/20 rule. Post eightieth useful or amusing content and save two hundredth for the self-promotional stuff.
  5. Hashtag Abuse: Hashtags square measure while not a doubt the foremost fascinates a part of Twitter. However additionally to typically being humorous, they’re extraordinarily useful for organization functions. Don’t abuse the hashtag, put it aside for once you would like it.
  6. Not responding to Tweets: If you’re not being social, why square measure you on social media? You may not be ready to reply to everything, however do your best to answer queries and address any feedback. And don’t forget to mention thanks once it’s positive.
  7. Automatic direct messages: Too many folks send automatic direct messages to new followers. Don’t try this. You don’t need the primary impression that you just build on your customers to be from an automaton.
  8. Too much negativity: nobody needs to follow a depressing speaker. Keep your tweets positive and your followers can act consequently.
  9. QR code avatar: these days you see QR codes in some crazy places, don’t let your Twitter account be one in every of them. Build your avatar one thing that reflects you or your whole.
  10. Too much abbreviation: typically you’re planning to get to abbreviate however strive to not abandon descriptive linguistics to the purpose of being illegible.
  11. Spelling errors: writing system errors square measure aiming to happen however try and keep them to a minimum. Individuals can notice them and it will build your business look sloppy. Review before you hit send.
  12. Tweeting while not a technique: Take it slow to come to a decision why you’re on Twitter and what you would like to induce from it. Let that guide your content.
  13. Too much dialogue, not enough content: Twitter is all regarding sharing content with followers however you furthermore might want to convey them content that creates them engage with you.
  14. Too much content, not enough dialogue: Confused yet? It’s all regarding finding a balance. Unless you’re a news outlet, then I’m probing for quite simply news. Use your content to drive engagement from your followers and begin a discussion.
  15. Only tweeting 9-5: nobody expects your Twitter to be a 24/7 operation however your followers don’t close once you go back for the day. Hoot suite could be a nice possibility for managing and programing tweets.
  16. Outdated Twitter profile: Your profile says plenty concerning UN agency you’re. Tell folks what you all are concerning and provides them a reason to follow. And certify it’s up-to-date.
  17. Responding with an equivalent answer from multiple admins: It’s smart to retort to people’s tweets, however if multiple folks area unit tweeting from your handle, get on an equivalent page and agree on the proper voice for your complete.
  18. Facebook/Twitter overflow: Connecting your Facebook and Twitter feeds might sound sort of a smart plan however if your Twitter is exclusively simply a feed for your Facebook, then it defeats the aim of being on Twitter within the initial place.
  19. Asking too several queries: an issue will be an excellent thanks to get feedback or begin a speech however if you’re perpetually asking, “How’s everybody doing?!” and nobody is responsive then it’s not adding to the speech.
  20. Not sharing the love: If folk’s area unit promoting you on Twitter show them some love back. A retweet will go a protracted means on Twitter so will mentioning somebody after you share their article or post.